Aida is a political refugee from the Middle East in the early 80′s, Aida has been an associate lecturer (and alumni) on the Surface Design Program at the LCC for the past 14 years.

During this time she has built up her hand printed clothing company Brag, selling to the likes and had a print studio and shop in the heart of the East Ends Brick Lane. Not being content with her prints and images being on clothing alone, she has diversified her designs, working inside and out, producing paste-up instillations in various special environments and making her debut print release with the ‘animal 3D series’

Since then, Aida has exhibited in various exhibitions with more major ones including Mutate Britain (One Foot in The Grove) in West London (2009) and High Roller Societies Gallery Press & Release. In 2011 she completed a street art inspired print project with Safewalls, set up by Cirque du Soleil. More recently she has showcased  major screen print releases at Pick Me Up  (Contemporary Graphic Design) (2012/13),the Banger Art Project (2012) (alongside major international street artists) this involved transforming an old car in to a piece of art and White Cross Street Party (2013) outdoor exhibition-Rise of the Non Conformists.

In June 2014 Aida had her debut solo exhibition HABROS in Sheffield displaying the largest number of screen prints produced by her at one time.

Currently, her Credit Crunch Poster which was purchased by the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2011 is on display as part of the touring exhibition, A World To Win: Posters of Projects and Revolution. The poster has also been exclusively re-commisioned by the Victoria and Albert Museum Shop.

Her current research is in the development and the role of screen printing in our digital world. She has been filming various print houses and influential people involved in the industry. As well as all this she has launched a print based community project called Print is Power – Reclamation Nation - ”Voice your opinions, Print your passions”

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