Working Mummy

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Working Mummy

Chappell Contemporary is a small independent art gallery in Whitstable.

Founded by Paula Chappell, a Wimbledon Sculpture graduate.

Full time mummy to a 9 year old little monkey boy, step mum to two beautiful daughters and t currently growing a new little bundle to add to the troop.

I have a crazy passion for the arts, for people showing fun, modern, thought provoking, affordable artwork in their homes.

Chappell Contemporary show work by over 40 artists, a lot of those artists being mummies themselves. We ahem artists that are at the beginning of their careers and artists that are iconic and internationally renowned.

Being a working mum is hard, but it’s rewarding. My son adores the gallery, he has even exhibited a piece of two on the walls.

The arts are so important to our Children, as a means to express themselves and showing them alternative ways to look at the world we live in. Not everything is black and white, it’s multicoloured, shiny, glittery, sparkly, glossy, ripped, straight, wonky and challenging.
Of course reading and writing is great, but body painting is much more fun!!

Love what you do and Love why you do it

Summer Is Finally Here!

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Summer Is Finally Here!

Summer is finally here!
What better way to spend those lazy summer days than here in Whitstable.
Whitstable is Famous for its Oysters, beautiful sunsets, chilled vibes and it’s vast array of Independent shops and boutiques.
Whitstable is a must do for Summer 2018.

Follow the shops from the harbour along the High street through to Oxford Street to find Chappell Contemporary Art Gallery. Nestled in amongst fabulous independent coffee shops, cafes, Antique and Vintage stores, you will find Chappell Contemporary a seaside Gallery with a difference.

You won’t find a seascape in site! We specialise in contemporary Limited edition prints by some of the countries most exciting modern artists.
We are open every day apart form Wednesday so make sure to put us on your To Do List.

International Women’s Day 2018

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International Women’s Day 2018

Women in the Arts

Chappell Contemporary represent a number of female artists (11 at the time of writing this blog). We are definitely rising through the ranks. Would I be able to decipher a picture created by a woman over one created by a man? Probably not I must admit… but maybe this is because, in Art, there are no boundaries, there are no stereotypes, we can be who we want to be without limitation. Art gives us all the means to express ourselves, creatively and personally.

And that is why It is our passion at Chappell Contemporary.
I’m not sure there are many outlets in life that has this freedom of speech, this ability to indulge in what we love, say what we want to say. The sheer audacity to answer when someone asks:

“Why did you make this?” and to answer, “purely because I had to”.

Chappell Contemporary currently represent:
Aida, Lauren Baker, Rebecca Mason, Louise McNaught, Rachel Ann Stevenson, Not Now Nancy, Rosie Emerson, Alexandra Gallagher, Yuli Aruga, Delphine Lebourgeoise, Kristjana S Williams.

Do You Love Our Gallery?

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Do You Love Our Gallery?

Chappell Contemporary Art Gallery is based in the seaside town of Whitstable in Kent.

When opening the gallery my aim was to bring exciting contemporary art to Whitstable.

Our wonderful town in Kent has an amazing artistic vibe and we have lots of wonderful local artists that create a fantastic buzz around town. I wanted however to bring something different. Perhaps something a little outside the box something you wouldn’t expect.
We specialise in Limited edition prints, including Silk Screen, Digital Prints and Photography. That said we do offer the occasional Original oil painting or contemporary sculpture.

We have emerging artist as well as representing some of the UK’s most renowned creatives, including:

Peter Blake, Bruce McLean, Dan Baldwin and Kristjana S Willimas.

Each year the gallery grows from strength to strength and we are always looking for new exciting artists to add to our catlogue. We run Solo Shows throughout the year so make sure you keep and eye on our website and our social media pages so you don’t miss out!