Most of my paintings reference my 17 year preoccupation with Still Life.

It became apparent to me in the early 90s that painting itself was not a fashionable practice, let alone the area of Still Life. Instinctively, this was a challenge I became obsessed with.

During my college years I saw a lot of installation art, much of it inspired by Damien Hirst, which I really liked – so I started making my own little installations, then painted them in my studio.

The journey since then that has taken me through several phases, occasionally diverse, but always within the boundaries of what I consider to be ‘New Still Life’.

I am interested in giving inanimate objects a kind of emotional charge, a soul of their own, in a sense.

This is not about technical study, as a lot of Still Life is. It’s not all about symbolism, in the old sense, but rather my expression of universal sentiments, if that is possible.