Eine is best known for spray-painting giant Technicolor letters on walls, doors and shutters around London and other cities. Eine was initially a massive hit on the underground graffiti scene. Eine moved into the commercial aspects of the art world producing a clothing range and later going on to become a screen printer and work for the notorious Pictuers on Walls publishers. Eine produced many of the hand pulled prints for artists represented by POW including Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, Mode2, Modern Toss and David Shrigley.

In July 2010, President Barack Obama was presented with a painting by Eine, Twenty First Century City, as an official gift from the British Prime Minister. David Cameron.
In May 2010 Ben Eine painted a complete alphabet on Middlesex Street in East London, which was re-christened Alphabet Street by the residents and described by The Times as “a street now internationally recognized as a living piece of art with direct links to The White House.”