International Women’s Day 2018

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International Women’s Day 2018

Women in the Arts

Chappell Contemporary represent a number of female artists (11 at the time of writing this blog). We are definitely rising through the ranks. Would I be able to decipher a picture created by a woman over one created by a man? Probably not I must admit… but maybe this is because, in Art, there are no boundaries, there are no stereotypes, we can be who we want to be without limitation. Art gives us all the means to express ourselves, creatively and personally.

And that is why It is our passion at Chappell Contemporary.
I’m not sure there are many outlets in life that has this freedom of speech, this ability to indulge in what we love, say what we want to say. The sheer audacity to answer when someone asks:

“Why did you make this?” and to answer, “purely because I had to”.

Chappell Contemporary currently represent:
Aida, Lauren Baker, Rebecca Mason, Louise McNaught, Rachel Ann Stevenson, Not Now Nancy, Rosie Emerson, Alexandra Gallagher, Yuli Aruga, Delphine Lebourgeoise, Kristjana S Williams.