New Artist – Jimi Crayon

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New Artist – Jimi Crayon

Jimi Crayons art is fun, thought provoking a powerful. he is an artist, and commercial illustrator who has worked in the commercial art fiend producing art prints for the biggest brands in the world, including Apple, Microsoft, Nike and Adidas.

Crayon combines old masterpieces with a contemporary twist. A Nike Shoe box covered in iconic religious imagery overlaid  with modern digital icons is an example of his newest work we have on show in the Gallery.

“I am a product of my environment.

Raised by Television, Billboards, Magazines and the Internet. Constantly reminded that happiness isn’t here and now, it’s out there, just around the corner. It’s in a better job, a newer car, a bigger house and a better you. It’s in everything you’re about to become and in nothing you are right now. It’s in that perpetually evolving fantasy in your head that’s always just out of reach.

So, make your life one big means to an end that never comes, sacrifice your soul to satisfy your ego, keep chasing your dreams and never be content, because YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH… yet”

We currently have 4 of Jimi Crayons newest prints available at Chappell Contemporary.

Check out his page to see what we have