New artist – Whatshisname

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New artist – Whatshisname

Artist and Designer Whatshisname lives and works in London. Born in Poland in 1982 Whatshisname – (real name Sebastian Burton) came to London when he was 25.

He has worked as an assistant to many famous designers and established artists. His art exists through digital media as well as more traditional mediums.

When asked ‘Why make art?’ his response: Two reasons:
1. To celebrate an alternative to an ordinary.
2. Because it is something that I cannot not do.

Most recognisable for his fun interpretations of the iconic Jeff Koons balloon dog, Whatshisname’s artwork puts a smile on the viewers  face. It is playful and engaging. Whats not to love about a pooping Balloon dog in shiny Hot pink??

And you may ask why the alias ‘Whatshisname’? It’s inspired by the fact that he has trouble remembering other artists’ names and by the Green Day’s song “Whatshername”.

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