New Magnus Gjoen Lenticular

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New Magnus Gjoen Lenticular

Magnus Gjoen has been with Chappell Contemporary since we first opened our doors in 2015. I had been a massive fan of his work and was thrilled when he agreed to be one of my artists.

Gjoen work revolves around a variety of themes, life, death, war, peace, Love and hate. Often making juxtapositions and relationships between the two.
An Uzi made from Ceramic for example. What is Magnus Gjoen trying to say? A deadly weapon, who’s purpose is to destroy made of beautiful fragile ornate ceramic. Something that in it’s essence is the opposit of the thing it is creating.

Perhaps a comment on the fragility of life? Trying to turn something so ugly and scary into something exquisitely beautiful. Taking away the pain, suffering and hate and replacing with something captivatingly stunning.

This new lenticular piece ‘I Thought We’d Only meet in Death’ again conjurers up all that is synonymous with his practice. A human skull, usually a thing of ugliness, of death and decay is adorned with flowers. This image no longer evokes emotions fear and the macabre , but more so resembles a Dutch Masters oil painting. visually stunning, beautiful, and intricate in detail.
Magnus has created a stunning work of art once again.
Is it any wonder he is one of our favourites?

Chappell Contemporary have both the lenticular print (Edition of 50) and Giclée print (edition of 80) available.

Magnus Gjoen Portfolio