Signed Limited Edition Giclée Print 50.8 cm x 38cm Edition of 25 POA

Event Horizon

Signed Limited Edition Giclée Print 51.8 cm x 51.8cm Edition of 25 POA

Holy Shh

Signed Limited Edition Giclée Print 76.2 cm x 38.5cm Edition of 25 POA

7 UP

Original Mixed Media with Spray Paint on Canvas 100 cm x 120cm

My work is in many ways is a reflection of my background as a graffiti artist and fine art painter. During my time at Art School I became increasingly interested in Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. During this period I was learning about Art history, working on canvas, as well as painting on the streets. This experience has shaped my work to the present day. My work is a hybrid style born of these combining factors, offering the viewer a vision into a world that is out of the ordinary, with a sense of escape into an inventive cosmic nebulous of upbeat excitement, like a worm hole into another world.

The point is, it’s up to you. What you see, is what you see. But for me a painting is an active site of pure potential for both painter and viewer alike, where anything is possible.


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