Unique Sculpture Swarovski Crystals, My Little Pony toys, Mixed Media. 54 (L) x 60 (H) x 25 (W)cm


Original Sculpture Pencils, Toys, wooden base L:100cm H:70cm

Robert was resident in Cornwall for seven years, (where he is well known for his large ‘Bombus Bee’ sculpture at the Eden Project., and for his pyrotechnical fire sculptures on Bodmin Moor), amongst his more. permanent works. He moved to France in April 2011.. and to Kent England in 2013.

He has exhibited widely and has work in public and private collections in seventeen countries.
Robert work utilises combinations of recycled and utilitarian materials .

To quote Charles Jencks on Post Modernism. …… (contemporary) “artists want to know how to represent variety with integrity. One strategy is to choose the right style for the job. A case of serial revivalism.A further tactic is to provide heterogenous materials and shapes in a language which is fresh and enigmatic.“

Ideas come from a wide variety of sources, and include :- psychotherapeutic concepts ( the artist practised as a therapist for several years). The culture and climate of the time. Physical experiments with matter and things… everything from fire to found objects, to past and present aesthetics and styles. People and other species, synthetic and natural worlds.All materials are potential sculpture , they are dealt with in an non-hierarchical way


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