Rachel Ann Stevenson artist Focus

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Rachel Ann Stevenson artist Focus

Some of you may know that I did my degree in Sculpture, I studied at Wimbledon School of art, when it was an Independent Art School. I loved it and can honestly say it was some of the best few years of my life. although the gallery now keeps me super busy that I no longer have time to make my own pieces there is something inside me that is always drawn to Sculpture.

So it’s probably no shock that I am totally in love with the stunning ¬†figurative pieces created by Rachel Ann Stevenson. I first saw Rachel artwork at TOAF in 2016 and instantly fell in love with the dark mysterious world that her work existed in.

Her Vigils Echo Sculptures (or the Bunny Girls as I call them) are so persice in detail that the craftsman ship alone will leave you spellbound. But delve deeper into the work and be lost in this mysterious alternative wonderland she has created.
Sexy, tactile and alluring, but naughty and mysterious. A perfect combination!

If you want one of these sculptures you will have to be quick, Vigils Echo II & III have already sold out in both Stone and Bronze. Rachel assures me that a Bronze Vigils Echo III will be released later this year but with already clients making preorders,
I doubt they will be available for long.

Rachel Stevenson new Series under the banner ‘Splice’ is something quite different all together.

Her attention to detail and accuracy is still very much present, all of her sculptures have the allure that makes you want to pick them up, to touch them to stroke them.
To find out what they are made of.

Gone are the Bunny Girls, ¬†now we encounter ‘From Dust’ dark figures, wearing rain coats and gas masks. What do they mean? I’m not quite sure, but one thing I know is that they make me feel slightly uneasy. Uneasy about the world we live in, our faceless Society. Are the gas masks a comment on war, on the pollution of humanity?
Our youth? So many emotions and questions….

What is art for if not to question, stir feelings, initiate response, even make you a little uncomfortable.

All of Rachel’s work can be viewed on our website, if you are not a fan yet you soon will be.