Words, Word, Words…Rebecca Mason

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Words, Word, Words…Rebecca Mason

Here at Chappell Contemporary we are absolute fans of Neon artist Rebecca Mason.

As well as showing her stunning Original Light artworks we have a large selection her Limited edition Prints.

Each are from  a very small edition, some being of only 10 so if you fall in love with one I wouldn’t recommend hanging around. You can pay us a visit in the Gallery and have a day out in Whitstable or you can now buy Rebecca’s work by following the links on her page to our online shop.

Each piece is thought provoking, sometimes shocking, sometime they will make you laugh, others will pull at your heart strings. One things for sure is that you will connect with Rebecca Masons work on different levels. Come along and have a read and figure out which one you are!!

Bored?, Lost, Flaws, Life, Lust….