These works are a response to my fixation with time; my attempt at stopping its incessant passing, to hold something still and immovable, preserving it in a particular moment. I aim to address these anxieties and a sense of an allotted time, by using the brief phases of perpetual and cyclical processes present in nature.

Each year a flower will repeat the process from bud to decay. The works are a record of moments at various points during a flower’s brief life. The presence of birds wings suggest both the celestial and the vessel like nature of the body, defunct and discarded at the point of death. Collectively, these elements demonstrate the fragility of life and irrevocable demise.

Often I set subjects within a black abyss, suspended, ungrounded and displaced, to engage only with the form. Negative spaces and partially erased imagery allow a sense of presence through absence, alluding to notions of the void, loss and boundlessness.

Much like the practice of Ikebana, I endeavour to bring a silence to my work that allows one to consider the overlooked and observe nature more closely. I like to think that perhaps I am giving permanence to something transitory and insignificant