• Paula Chappell Gallery Director


Chappell Contemporary was born out of my love for Contemporary Art and from my desire for people to be able to enjoy exciting, and beautiful work in their homes. After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Sculpture from Wimbledon School of Art I knew my life would forever be immersed in this world. Although I loved creating art, I soon realised my true passion was working within a gallery environment, developing relationships with artists and clients.

Opening Chappell Contemporary in 2015 has given me the opportunity to work and develop relationships with artists I have stood back and admired in the past. Chappell Contemporary also gives me the time and means to help develop emerging talent.
“The view from my desk is awesome, everyday I am surrounded by work by amazingly talented artists, life doesn’t get better” 


Chappell Contemporary shows work by both established and emerging artists.  We specialise in Signed Limited edition prints as well as offering unique originals. Our artists show and sell internationally.

“When we hang art on the walls of our homes we do not want it to act as wallpaper, we want it to put a smile on our face, to initiate conversation with our friends, be a dinner party talking point as well as being beautiful. People are pushing the boundaries with the art they purchase and the work Chappell Contemporary show lends itself to the needs of people wanting to own exciting, contemporary art”

We offer a variety of framing options on our prints and can ship in the UK and Internationally.