Now it is even easier to buy the art you love!

We have just joined the Own Art scheme, a charity funded programme which enables art buyers to purchase the art they love and spread the cost, interest free over 10 months.

The scheme can be applied to any artwork we sell at Chappell Contemporary, unframed or Framed Prints, Sculpture, painting, photography and drawing.

The artwork just has to be priced between £100 and £2500.

The application process takes less than 10 minutes and you can walk away with the art you love the every same day.

Working Mummy

Working Mummy

Chappell Contemporary is a small independent art gallery in Whitstable.

Founded by Paula Chappell, a Wimbledon Sculpture graduate.

Full time mummy to a 9 year old little monkey boy, step mum to two beautiful daughters and t currently growing a new little bundle to add to the troop.

I have a crazy passion for the arts, for people showing fun, modern, thought provoking, affordable artwork in their homes.

Chappell Contemporary show work by over 40 artists, a lot of those artists being mummies themselves. We ahem artists that are at the beginning of their careers and artists that are iconic and internationally renowned.

Being a working mum is hard, but it’s rewarding. My son adores the gallery, he has even exhibited a piece of two on the walls.

The arts are so important to our Children, as a means to express themselves and showing them alternative ways to look at the world we live in. Not everything is black and white, it’s multicoloured, shiny, glittery, sparkly, glossy, ripped, straight, wonky and challenging.
Of course reading and writing is great, but body painting is much more fun!!

Love what you do and Love why you do it

NEW ARTIST – Benjamin Thomas Taylor

NEW ARTIST – Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Benjamin Thomas Taylor is known for his bright, Pop Art inspired landscapes.

Fuelled by a sense of joy, his detailed paintings and prints open up hyperreal spaces, crossing from reality into a parallel world of limitless possibility, full of colour and creation. Having studied painting at the University of Brighton, he has since gone on to exhibit with a number of galleries both in the UK and internationally.

Chappell Contemporary are now super excited to stock by originals and limited Edition Prints by Ben.

Check out his page on our website from more details.

Summer Is Finally Here!

Summer Is Finally Here!

Summer is finally here!
What better way to spend those lazy summer days than here in Whitstable.
Whitstable is Famous for its Oysters, beautiful sunsets, chilled vibes and it’s vast array of Independent shops and boutiques.
Whitstable is a must do for Summer 2018.

Follow the shops from the harbour along the High street through to Oxford Street to find Chappell Contemporary Art Gallery. Nestled in amongst fabulous independent coffee shops, cafes, Antique and Vintage stores, you will find Chappell Contemporary a seaside Gallery with a difference.

You won’t find a seascape in site! We specialise in contemporary Limited edition prints by some of the countries most exciting modern artists.
We are open every day apart form Wednesday so make sure to put us on your To Do List.

New Magnus Gjoen Lenticular

New Magnus Gjoen Lenticular

Magnus Gjoen has been with Chappell Contemporary since we first opened our doors in 2015. I had been a massive fan of his work and was thrilled when he agreed to be one of my artists.

Gjoen work revolves around a variety of themes, life, death, war, peace, Love and hate. Often making juxtapositions and relationships between the two.
An Uzi made from Ceramic for example. What is Magnus Gjoen trying to say? A deadly weapon, who’s purpose is to destroy made of beautiful fragile ornate ceramic. Something that in it’s essence is the opposit of the thing it is creating.

Perhaps a comment on the fragility of life? Trying to turn something so ugly and scary into something exquisitely beautiful. Taking away the pain, suffering and hate and replacing with something captivatingly stunning.

This new lenticular piece ‘I Thought We’d Only meet in Death’ again conjurers up all that is synonymous with his practice. A human skull, usually a thing of ugliness, of death and decay is adorned with flowers. This image no longer evokes emotions fear and the macabre , but more so resembles a Dutch Masters oil painting. visually stunning, beautiful, and intricate in detail.
Magnus has created a stunning work of art once again.
Is it any wonder he is one of our favourites?

Chappell Contemporary have both the lenticular print (Edition of 50) and Giclée print (edition of 80) available.

Magnus Gjoen Portfolio 

New artist – Whatshisname

New artist – Whatshisname

Artist and Designer Whatshisname lives and works in London. Born in Poland in 1982 Whatshisname – (real name Sebastian Burton) came to London when he was 25.

He has worked as an assistant to many famous designers and established artists. His art exists through digital media as well as more traditional mediums.

When asked ‘Why make art?’ his response: Two reasons:
1. To celebrate an alternative to an ordinary.
2. Because it is something that I cannot not do.

Most recognisable for his fun interpretations of the iconic Jeff Koons balloon dog, Whatshisname’s artwork puts a smile on the viewers  face. It is playful and engaging. Whats not to love about a pooping Balloon dog in shiny Hot pink??

And you may ask why the alias ‘Whatshisname’? It’s inspired by the fact that he has trouble remembering other artists’ names and by the Green Day’s song “Whatshername”.

To see what we have available click here 

New Artist – Jimi Crayon

New Artist – Jimi Crayon

Jimi Crayons art is fun, thought provoking a powerful. he is an artist, and commercial illustrator who has worked in the commercial art fiend producing art prints for the biggest brands in the world, including Apple, Microsoft, Nike and Adidas.

Crayon combines old masterpieces with a contemporary twist. A Nike Shoe box covered in iconic religious imagery overlaid  with modern digital icons is an example of his newest work we have on show in the Gallery.

“I am a product of my environment.

Raised by Television, Billboards, Magazines and the Internet. Constantly reminded that happiness isn’t here and now, it’s out there, just around the corner. It’s in a better job, a newer car, a bigger house and a better you. It’s in everything you’re about to become and in nothing you are right now. It’s in that perpetually evolving fantasy in your head that’s always just out of reach.

So, make your life one big means to an end that never comes, sacrifice your soul to satisfy your ego, keep chasing your dreams and never be content, because YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH… yet”

We currently have 4 of Jimi Crayons newest prints available at Chappell Contemporary.

Check out his page to see what we have

Rachel Ann Stevenson artist Focus

Rachel Ann Stevenson artist Focus

Some of you may know that I did my degree in Sculpture, I studied at Wimbledon School of art, when it was an Independent Art School. I loved it and can honestly say it was some of the best few years of my life. although the gallery now keeps me super busy that I no longer have time to make my own pieces there is something inside me that is always drawn to Sculpture.

So it’s probably no shock that I am totally in love with the stunning  figurative pieces created by Rachel Ann Stevenson. I first saw Rachel artwork at TOAF in 2016 and instantly fell in love with the dark mysterious world that her work existed in.

Her Vigils Echo Sculptures (or the Bunny Girls as I call them) are so persice in detail that the craftsman ship alone will leave you spellbound. But delve deeper into the work and be lost in this mysterious alternative wonderland she has created.
Sexy, tactile and alluring, but naughty and mysterious. A perfect combination!

If you want one of these sculptures you will have to be quick, Vigils Echo II & III have already sold out in both Stone and Bronze. Rachel assures me that a Bronze Vigils Echo III will be released later this year but with already clients making preorders,
I doubt they will be available for long.

Rachel Stevenson new Series under the banner ‘Splice’ is something quite different all together.

Her attention to detail and accuracy is still very much present, all of her sculptures have the allure that makes you want to pick them up, to touch them to stroke them.
To find out what they are made of.

Gone are the Bunny Girls,  now we encounter ‘From Dust’ dark figures, wearing rain coats and gas masks. What do they mean? I’m not quite sure, but one thing I know is that they make me feel slightly uneasy. Uneasy about the world we live in, our faceless Society. Are the gas masks a comment on war, on the pollution of humanity?
Our youth? So many emotions and questions….

What is art for if not to question, stir feelings, initiate response, even make you a little uncomfortable.

All of Rachel’s work can be viewed on our website, if you are not a fan yet you soon will be.

Magnus Gjoen

Magnus Gjoen

I absolute adore this print, it is totally on my wants list!

Magnus Gjoen, ‘I’d rather be Happy than dignified’ is a limited edition Print with Gold leaf detail.

I always think art should evoke an emotion, and I especially love modern art that make me smile.

What is not to love about this engaging work by London based artist Magnus Gjoen, with his trademark use of tradition imagery combined with a modern twist.

A detailed Baroque style portrait with a scribbled child like smilie face, set against a striking geometric background of Lime green, gold and pink.

None of it particularly makes sense in the normal sense of the word, is it a comment on art, is it a comment on society? perhaps both and perhaps thats why I love it so much!!

Check out the other work we have by Magnus

New Print Release from Rosie Emerson

New Print Release from Rosie Emerson

Beautiful new Print from Rosie Emerson ‘Falcon’

Edition 20
Charcoal Powder Screenprint on 280gsm Printmaking Paper
35 x 100 cm

This stunning new Monochromatic Screen Print epitomises Emerson artwork which focuses predominately on showcasing and representing the female form.

Emersons Figuers draw reference from images old and new, iconic female actresses as well as modern day supermodels including Kate Moss in her piece Model #10. Each solitary figure is a celebration of women hood.

Emerson artwork is often beautifully pull Screen Prints, often incorporating unusual elements including Charcoal powder, ash and saw dust. This introduction often shifts the prints from a limited edition replicated, to a unique hand finished print, with no two pieces being the same.

To view our current collection By Rosie Emerson follow this link.