Signed and numbered Limited Edition of 175
80cm x 80cm Unframed

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Inspired by an original artwork commission by London’s Brown’s hotel, Kristjana has created a stunning pair of new Limited Edition tree prints, one that evokes the pink hues of blossom and the other that mirrors the cerulean skies of springtime.
A hero doe, the counterpart to the front-facing stag, stands grounded beneath a burgeoning canopy filled with vivacity and life. A kaleidoscope of butterflies flit between boughs laden with lavish foliage and exotic fauna, creating a natural movement unperturbed by the air around it. Giant birds sit serenely on tender branches, and whimsical moths, their wings adorned with serpent heads belie a self-preservation mechanism found throughout nature and reflected here in the array of animals that have gathered from all over the world to preside in this most British of springtime trees.