Victoria Line


Printed on archival paper with a hand finished overlay of pencil, glitter, watercolour, collage and glow in the dark ink.
80cm x 80cm unframed.
Unique Edition of 50


Out of stock


This is the third illustration from the series of the London Underground Lines.

Things to look out for along the journey…

James Bond leaving MI6 Building, Bond villains waiting for a bus,
Deep sea divers under the Thames, David Hockney, Tate Britian,
Parakeets in Green park, Peter Pan, tinker bell and the Darlings
Covid Vaccine center and anti vax protestors,
Mary Poppins, Harry Potter catching the Hogwarts train, flying ford Anglia above St Pancras,
Rats, Police issuing tickets to scooters on pavements, Queen’s guard in the kebab shop.

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