Andrew Millar

Andrew Millar is one of the most collected young contemporary artists in the UK. Represented by a diverse host of galleries, Millar has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, New York and London. Millar’s work can be found in the permanent collection at The Saatchi Gallery, London, and in private homes all over Europe, North America and the Far East.

A pioneer of process, Millar has spent years developing his trademark technique. Using a distinctive combination of collage, Polaroid instant film and precious metal leaf, he weaves his elegant compositions like a tapestry, treading a haunting line between reality and fantasy. Each component of the collage has been plucked from a variety of vintage sources. Surrounded by music in the studio, Millar works instinctively – interlacing the elements to create his surreal, duo-chromatic portraits.

 Traditional print and photography processes fascinate Millar. He never ceases to explore the manipulative potential of this light-sensitive medium. Always favouring the angibility of analog over digital immediacy. No two pieces in the edition can ever be the same. Each print is developed, treated and gilded by hand and sometimes accented with acrylic, ink and spray paint. But far more meaningful than the construction is the story Millar tells. Through the timeless subject of the female portrait, he creates connections.