Newton Blades 

Newton blades is a collaboration between Husband and wife, Eddy Pearman and Ceal Warnants both known for their ‘borrowed’ and ‘reimagined’ artworks. 

Graduates from the Royal Collage of Art, The ’Newton Blades’ aesthetic is wide and varied, encompassing the old and the new through innovative interactions with found art. 

Taking existing works, Blades alters and accentuates, blurring sections pr adding elements, until the originals only dimly resemble themselves. 

The result is often haunting, a spectral trace of the historical image, abstracted to unsettling but beautiful effect. In other works, Blades incorporates text and graphics, exploring linguistics humour to accentuate visual wit through minimal compositions. Whether abstract of pictorial, Blades’ work pocesses an enchanting quality, which captivates its viewer again and again.